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Our Story

TOPSEA Swimwear has launched its first collection. These sustainable pieces have been uniquely designed around animals that need and deserve protection, with the aim that children will learn to love all creatures of the ocean. These custom designs are imagined and drawn by designer and founder, Jenny Myrans.


The brand started off as a passion project, with directors Jenny and Myles Winter both growing up with active childhoods in and next to the water in Hong Kong. Later on in life, whilst working in fashion it became more and more apparent that the industry was so much more destructive to the natural environment than she was aware of, and that changes had to be made.

Their determination now lies in restoring Hong Kong’s marine life to its former glory by the means of educating the future generation, and by closing the gap between ‘environmentalist’ and ‘non-environmentalist.’ By promoting a way of life that reduces single-use plastic consumption by everyday people and extending the life-span of single-use plastic items, they believe that over time the world’s oceans will begin to thrive again.

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